Speak softly on whether this book sucks

Posted on July 23, 2010


I’ve noticed something when I join a discussion about the novel  The Help in my dealings around the internet.  The whole atmosphere of a thread changes if I go and mention I didn’t enjoy the book and state why.  Apparently that opinion is a mighty buzz kill. LOL.

The title of this post is in honor of my daughter, someone who is highly articulate; however after reading the first page of the novel she wouldn’t go any further. Sure, she described what bothered her about the beginning page. But I really like how she got straight to the point of her frustration before fully explaining herself.

This book sucks.

Now, I didn’t raise her to just use a pat phrase to shut down conversation. But her anger was palpable, probably as much as the joy of those who loved the book after reading it. She was so mad, she wondered why I even gave it to her to read. I tried to explain it was better to read the book, in case someone brought it up and wanted to discuss it. She gave me a look like, they better not. Ah youth.

I’m pretty sure there are people with her same attitude about the novel out there.

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