My WTF? Moments after viewing the trailer for The Help

Posted on April 19, 2011


Oh. My. GAWD.

Bear with me now, because I want to gouge my eyes out based on what I just saw. I’ve got screen shots of the trailer, and I have to say this loud and clear THEY JUST DON’T GET IT. It’s my fondest wish that Tyler Perry does a “Madea is The Help” spoof, because it’ll be just what Dreamworks and Kathryn Stockett deserve.

LOL. Based on the "Sensational" bestseller. Whoever wrote this is a dumb ass to the tenth degree. Yes, I said it. There is nothing sensational about a book of stereotypes

Note the colors on this trailer, because they’ll come in handy. Just like the book cover plays up the “perky”, trying to dampen the seriousness of segregation, so does the movie. At least based on the trailer that’s currently out. Yes, just groove to the funky sounds of “Cool Jerk” , because here comes the movie that sees the culmination of Kathryn Stockett’s “vision”. Understand however, that “Cool Jerk” wasn’t released until 1966, and that gives some idea of what went wrong with the novel, and Stockett’s take on the souls of black folk.
Of note: Octavia Spencer’s part has been beefed up (that was the least they could do, after Spencer went out on a limb to help Stockett achieve her goal, much like Aibileen assisted Skeeter. More about that later). For now, some screen shots from the trailer, and my own “shots” about what I saw:
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Aibileen gets to laugh

This is the scene where Skeeter tells Hilly “Maybe we ought to build you a bathroom outside”
from Aibileen’s perspective.

Aibileen wears the smiley face


Aw, Aibileen drops the smiley face



Black folk craning their necks (Yule May) when they speak


Sermon where God made Aibileen do it (help Skeeter that is)


Yeah, now lets get some shots of those black people singing in church


Catfight between Hilly and Skeeter. No Civil Rights Protestors were hurt in the making of this film.


And here we have all "the blacker the better" maids in one room

 The women are tall, short, black like asphalt or caramel brown. If your skin is too white, I’m told, you’ll never get hired. The blacker the better. (Skeeter, Pg 257)

In da face! Aibileen gets all up in Hillys face (funny, but I don't recall Aibileen being so "uppity" in the novel. Oh Law)


The touch Skeeter dared not do in the book. Kids, do not try this at home


Skeeter does her best Thelma and Louise impersonation and rides off into the sunset

You can view the trailer here:
Am I done yet? Oh HELL NO. . .
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