Responding to the “OMG it’s just a movie!” troll

Posted on August 13, 2011


Okay, I’m talking to all you clueless ones leaving comments on message boards when grown folks are trying to talk.

You know who you are, the utterly frustrated lovers of either the movie or the book, who can only come up with an overused, corny phrase.

That includes the trolls who like to leave messages that make no sense regarding Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben being “beloved” icons, and trying to school me on black history.


Lafayette from True Blood's FUB expression


Mothafuck you BITCH

That’s right, I said mothafuck you.

No I don’t know everything, but I know one thing. I do know a hell of a lot more than you on the subject.

So if you’ve left a comment on a message board, only to have someone come behind yours with “OMG! it’s only a movie!”

or “OMG it’s just a book!”  Feel free to use this link. When they click it (and they will, because they’re just that conceited) they’ll get the message.

Ahhh, that felt good. Now, back to our normal programming.

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