Aibileen Unmasked after lawsuit against Stockett tossed

Posted on August 18, 2011


**Update** An appeal was filed on August 20th. So stay tuned. More info here


Miss. judge tosses suit against ‘The Help’ author

Circuit Judge Tommie Green ruled Tuesday that a one-year statute of limitations had run out between the time Stockett gave Cooper a copy of the book and the time the lawsuit was filed in February. The lawsuit sought $75,000 in damages.”

The real deal Aibileen, Abilene Cooper has her lawsuit tossed out

Interesting to finally see what she looks like, but more important, what complexion she is.


I like the kingfish site because it has more information:

Judge Green dismisses Help lawsuit

“Ms. Cooper responded with an answer to Ms. Stockett’s motion filed on April 27. She claimed Ms. Stockett “fraudulently induced” her to “believe The Help was no big deal and the book was rejected no less than sixty times. The response includes a quotes from an 2009 interview (last page of documents posted below) with the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“When I was writing this book I never thought anyone else would read it, so I didn’t get real creative with the names. I just used people I knew. Some of them aren’t talking to me right now, but I feel like they’ll come around….”

“I was terrified when I realized it was going to be published.”

Needless to say, Ms. Cooper used this statements to argue Ms. Stockett was terrified because she allegedly misappropriated identities and would be found out after publication. ”





Now, take a look at Demetrie McLorn, the woman Stockett originally claimed was the inspiration for the character of Aibileen Clark:

Photo of Demetrie, Stockett's grandparents maid.

These women are two different skin tones, as evident by comparing the color of the baby that Demetrie McLorn is holding from an old photo, possibly one of the Stockett children.

Well well well…

The comedy of errors just keeps piling up in this sad soap opera.

There’s a line from a movie, ironically titled White Men Can’t Jump

Rosie Perez states:

“Sometimes when you lose, you win. And sometimes when you win, you lose.”

Pretty maids all in a row



Here’s the book’s description of Aibileen Clark (Aibileen Clark, Ablene Cooper, get it?)

. . . Aibileen smiles at me from the sink, her gold tooth shining. She’s a little plump in the middle, but it is a friendly softness. And she’s much shorter than me, because who isn’t? Her skin is dark brown and shiny against her starchy white uniform. Her eyebrows are gray even though her hair is black. (Skeeter’s observation of Aibileen’s appearance Pg 78)



Demetrie McLorn isn’t dark brown. And calling her that is more than a bit of a stretch.

So, my guesses for real life counterparts:


Aibileen  Clark – Ablene Cooper

Minny  Jackson– Octavia Spencer

Constantine Bates, renamed Constantine Jefferson in the film – Demetrie McLorn

Hilly Holbrook – Carolyn Stockett, the author’s grandmother

Carlton Phelan, re-named Robert Phelan in the movie- Robert Stockett, the author’s grandfather

Raleigh Leefolt – Stockett’s own brother Robert Stockett

Elizabeth Leefolt – Stockett’s sister-in-law, the wife of her brother Robert

Celia Foote – Stockett’s mother

Johnny Foote – Possibly the journalist boyfriend of Stockett’s mom.

Skeeter – Kathryn Stockett

Mae Mobley – Little Kathryn Stockett

Unfriendly softness. This is Aibileen Clark y'all

Don’t feel too bad for Ablene Cooper.

I’m sure she’ll be offered some type of under the table settlement once the dust settles.

But by coming forward, she may have just confirmed a terrible suspicion.

Is The Help just a non-fiction story posing as fiction? And what should Stockett do to ease Ablene Cooper’s pain at being used?





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