Viola Davis as Nina Simone (hey, I can dream can’t I?)

Posted on January 2, 2012


Hold your War Horse (very bad pun on my part). I didn’t say this was a done deal or that there was a deal in the making. But after checking out what Viola Davis and her new production company have decided to work on, uh. . . sure, I can get into more history. I love history and I think her next project is a worthy one.

But Viola may need to break out of doing almost the same stoic, woman of mettle through hardship role, even though she does it beautifully.

Nina Simone, Forever Young Gifted & Black

Because just like Halle Berry took her own funds and did a tour de force performance of Dorothy Dandridge, Viola may have to do an indie flick on Nina Simone.

NINA. SIMONE. The High Priestess of Soul

Why Nina?

Because after playing the docile maid Aibileen, a nice hot shower of a fiery, progressive female is in order. Nina Simone was fierce, beautiful, ahead of her time and a DIVA baby. Nina was fierce before the word even came into vogue. Nina personified fierce at a time when black people needed it most.

Just like Jamie Foxx did Ray Charles proud, Viola could release all that pent up emotion many of her roles fail to let her release, unless it comes in the form of tears. I know Viola can cry. Now I’d like to see Viola be cool. And hot. And sultry on screen. And take command. Playing Nina Simone would allow her to do just that.

I’d also love to see Viola on a piano emoting on the classic Four Women.

just some of the song’s Nina left her indelible mark on: Sinner Man, Feeling Good, My Baby Just Cares For Me, Little Girl Blue

Nina Simone at the piano

If you’ve never seen Nina do Four Women here’s a clip from You Tube.







Other groundbreakers I recall:

Get Christie Love star Teresa Graves, the first African American female with an hour long drama on TV

Teresa Graves on the cover of TV Guide

Christie Love TV Guide article







Brenda Sykes:

Brenda Sykes

Brenda Sykes and James Brown

Brenda Sykes, a 70s icon


Brenda wearing that Tam, and millions of black teen girls imitated her





Pat Evans

Pat Evans portrait


Pat Evans on the Ohio Players "Pain" album


The Ohio Players "Ecstasy" Cover featuring Pat






Judy. Judy. Judy. Judy Pace

Judy Pace from the TV movie Frogs


Judy Pace






Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols on Ebony as Lt. Uhura. Maybe space is the "final frontier" for black actors









Sylvster''s hit song "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real"


Portrait of a Diva and a pioneer for Gay Rights


I need to put up more photos a bit later. Like Jazz singer Nancy Wilson, entertainer and sexpot Lola Falana, Jayne Kennedy, Cicely Tyson from back in the day, Pam Grier, etc. People need to remember and never forget these trailblazers.

Haha. Someone sent me this. I love it! Dolls of Color baby!

I used Comet on my Barbie’s hair to give her an Afro back in the day.

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