Cold. Blooded. The worse case scenario in the Trayvon Martin murder

Posted on March 29, 2012


Cold. Blooded. That’s a term used frequently in the 70s to describe someone who could take the life of another, and exhibit no sign that it meant anything. The first thing I looked for while viewing this video tape is signs of a struggle that could have ended with either Zimmerman’s or Martin’s life. I don’t see evidence of a broken nose (as per Zimmerman’s lawyer’s account) or even that his clothes are disturbed (stained, torn, etc.)

There’s just nothing to support Zimmerman’s account.



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ABC-TV video screen shot of Goerge Zimmerman shortly after the shooting. This was taken less than thirty minutes after Trayvon Martin was shot, according to news sources.



Link: George Zimmerman on Police Surveillance

“You’re gonna die now or You’re gonna die tonight.”

“After about a  minute of being beaten George was trying to move, trying to get his head off the concrete- ”

 – Quotes by George Zimmerman’s father as he recounts what his son told him to a Fox affiliate.






“His nose is still broken. It’s still healing. He has very severe emotional injuries . . .”

“George was out of breath, he was barely conscious,  his last thing that he remembers doing was moving his head from the concrete to the grass  so that if he was banged one more time, that he wasn’t wearing diapers or being spoon fed for the rest of his life . . .”

 – Quotes from Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman in a TV interview with Piers Morgan of CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight.


In the last post I said I’d avoid the hyperbole. In this post all bets are off.

After hearing Zimmerman’s father’s chilling and frankly, at times off the wall account and his “I never forsaw so much hate coming from . . . ” comment about those seeking an investigation, like the President, the NAACP, and the Congressional Black Caucus (but not so oddly enough he left off the unified group of Republicans) I wondered what the conversations at the Zimmerman home must have been like growing up. And I also think the “You’re gonna die now . . . You’re gonna die tonight” is what George said to the teen, especially after viewing the video showing George Zimmerman’s lack of injuries or even stains on his clothing. Then there’s the even more expanded fairy tale by Zimmerman’s brother, which, if he even thought about what he was saying, with George taking such a beating he’d just be getting out of the hospital after a serious bout in intensive care.

While the quotes and also the account by Zimmerman would lead one to believe that Trayvon Martin morphed into an assailant to be reckoned with, I have a sinking feeling that Zimmerman may be admitting not only his own words to the victim, but his own actions. So I think the autopsy report on Trayvon Martin will be crucial.


It’s becoming more likely that George Zimmerman could be that cold blooded.


In the Trayvon Martin case, as the layers are peeled and more facts are revealed, the one scenario that hasn’t been addressed is whether George Zimmerman could have been a killer in training, and thus the field of  law enforcement would provide a natural cover. Somewhere between a vigilante and a wanna be enforcer, who may have been enthralled by the power an officer of the law appears to have.

It’s possible Zimmerman was well aware of Sandford’s lenient treatment of those who attacked others under the STAND YOUR GROUND law. But what Sanford, as well as the rest of the nation must now come to terms with, is whether one man decided that on February 26th, it would be the night he’d pick out a victim. And the last night of Trayvon Martin’s life.

But while Trayvon Martin may have looked like the perfect target in height, in race, and reaction, something went wrong.

Not just during the murder. But after.

George Zimmerman may have been confident that he had a grown man in his grasp, since to him Trayvon Martin fit the stereotype of a “scary” black male that could add credibiliy and an out to his story.

Is it possible that George Zimmerman got a rush from tracking down and then confronting Trayvon Martin?

My God. I  hope not. But what we now know of the criminal mind, it’s entirely possible.

Are the 911 tapes a window not only into Zimmerman’s state of mind, but also his true intent?

Again, I hope not.

But George Zimmerman is looking more like not only a pursuer, assailant and murderer, but that this scenario was pre-meditated.



Former CNN reporter Joe Oliver  has put his name and reputation on the line defending George Zimmerman. After Oliver’s interrogation on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show The Last Word, Oliver appears to be yet another individual inserting themselves into a story that needs to play out with the authorities, and not those seeking the spotlight. He added nothing to the narrative except his own “gut feeling.” Oliver stated that in the six years he’d known Zimmerman,  he’d  been thought of as a mentor or uncle. Yet Oliver was never aware of Zimmerman’s obsession with law enforcement, his numerous calls to 911, and that the last time he’d actually seen Zimmerman  was a week prior to the Trayvon Martin death. Over a month ago.

Their relationship is a strange one, as Oliver has given up his livelihood to speak on Zimmerman’s behalf, yet he’s unable to give a clear picture of who George Zimmerman truly is.

Pity poor Joe Oliver’s made up excuses, such as the words on the tape could possibly be “F ‘ing goons” instead of “F ‘ ing Coons.” Never mind when the last time the word “goons” was routinely used . . . in the 80s perhaps? From the movie The Goonies?

Coons sounds more like the word on the tape. And its being reported that Zimmerman’s father is a former judge. So that might explain how George was able to walk free. And why he’s still not under arrest and more questioning. His daddy knows people.

Anyone can have a racist or bigoted moment. ANYONE. There’s also intra-racism, where individuals are hostile to people in their own racial group. So the notion that because George Zimmerman can’t possibly exhibit something we all struggle with, because he’s part Hispanic makes no sense. We all have the capacity to inflict bigotry on another.

It’s a learned behavior that can be unlearned, but only if that individual’s character allows for it.

The police department has another problem. The forms that were miraculously filled in with Trayvon Martin’s personal information appear to have been loaded with information AFTER THE FACT. When these forms were “leaked” to the public, the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted. If so, then why did Trayvon Martin’s body sit in a mogue for 3 days as a John Doe?


Zimmerman has used surrogates to spread his version of events. The trouble is, their stories as so fantastical, that it stretches beyond belief. And that’s because they’ve been boxed into repeating Zimmerman’s scenario of events, which may have been made up on the spur of the moment to cover up a crime.

Getting slammed against the ground (your head) and getting a broken nose are serious things. You wouldn’t be able to get out of a car unassisted. And it would take more than a quick clean up in the back of a police car to stop the flow of blood.

If you’ve ever had your head banged once, on anything then you know how hard it is to keep your bearings not just immediately, but for a long time afterward. Getting it banged several times is a CAT or CT scan, no doubt about it.

Zimmerman’s now claiming he was calling out for help. Too bad the shouts sound more like someone in mortal fear, say someone who’s just been told that their life was about to be over.

If Zimmerman isn’t arrested soon, the Martin family may never get a chance to see justice in their son’s murder.

As we witness the collapse of George Zimmerman’s life and his story,  he just may take matters into his own hands again. And that could be just as great a travesty as the death of Trayvon Martin.



Why this isn’t an isolated case in America

In 1935, a homeless tenant farmer named Reuben Stacey knocked on the wrong door seeking food. The woman inside screamed, and Stacey was arrested. What happened next is another sad statistic in America’s history of profiling black males.

The Lynching of Reuben Stacey in Florida



The Day They Lynched Reuben Stacey

by Bryan Brooks,

Orlando Sentinel, 1988

” . . . SOME YEARS LATER, ACCORDING TO THE woman who told me the story of Stacey`s lynching, another black was killed by Bob Clark — a murder she again witnessed.

She had been picking vegetables in a field in Pompano where some black laborers were working. Clark came by and spoke with the woman for a few minutes. Moments later, for whatever reason, he and a black woman got into an argument. When the black woman spit on him, he struck her with his gun, knocking her to the ground. As she lay there, he shot her.

Louis Benton, whose father was the black undertaker who had taken Reuben Stacey`s body away from the lynch site, remembers another incident where a black man was shot for urinating in a wooded area of northwest Fort Lauderdale, near Sunrise Boulevard and Powerline Road. According to Benton, a white woman had witnessed the act and called the sheriff.

Sheriff`s deputies came by the Benton funeral parlor with the black man tied like a deer to the hood of their car. Benton recalls that the deputies cut the body from the hood and threw it into the street, yelling to his father, `Here`s another dead nigger for you, George.`”

In his book on the history of Fort Lauderdale, historian Stuart McIver mentions a 1944 incident involving John Wooten, a black man who didn`t stand up when the Clarks entered a room. Wooten was arrested for vagrancy and died that night in his cell. According to reports that were filed, he “fell out of his bunk and hit his head.“

The reign of terror instigated by the Clark brothers was finally ended in 1950 by a Senate investigating committee headed by Sen. Estes Kefauver. Both Clarks were removed from office by the governor and were indicted on charges of corruption, involving gambling, but later were cleared due to a lack of evidence. According to newspaper reports, potential prosecution witnesses suddenly developed bad memories.

Of all the crimes committed by the Clarks, however, the hanging of Reuben Stacey was undoubtedly one of the most brutal.

Was Stacey guilty of attacking Marion Jones? He was never tried in a court of law, his name does not exist on any court docket, and there is no trace of his family. So, only one thing about that black day in Broward is certain: When Reuben Stacey died, the truth died with him.




To be continued . . .

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