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Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter

July 11, 2016


  THIS:     Look at his eyes. Really look at them. Now look at the officer’s left knee, and how he’s kneeling on the man’s head. Look at the officer’s right thigh by the man’s mouth, as if to silence any speech. What would’ve happened if he’d uttered the words “I can’t breathe?”   […]

In defense of Black Lives Matter

July 10, 2016


If you’ve read The Help and just love it because its so darn heart warming how that spunky white girl led those humorous maids into activism, then listen up. Because current events in this country ironically mirror some of what really happened back then, and what race relations were actually about. And just like I […]

The Help’s effect on Children’s Literature

January 18, 2016


After the success of The Help, I figured it was only a matter of time before some other enterprising author wanted their own happy slave, happy domestic narrative. Since audiences howled with laughter at Minny’s antics in the book and the film (gaining former comedienne and now full time actress Octavia Spencer a best supporting […]

Is the 2016 election being influenced by Segregationist Ideology?

December 10, 2015


Why am I not surprised by the divisive rhetoric coming out of the mouth of the current GOP frontrunner? Well, I’ve seen and read about this type of politician before. Someone who wants to win by any means necessary, and if that means once again whipping up the fears of conservatives, then so be it. […]

This Black Life Matters: An open letter to Shakara

November 1, 2015


Hello Shakara, I’m glad to finally know your first name. I realize due to your age, your identity had to be protected. I hope as time goes on you’ll be able to process what happened and move forward, not letting this terrible assault define who you are, and who you will be as you become […]

I’m Back . . . .

June 21, 2015


Took a break, now I’m back. I’ll have new posts up in a few.

What can “WE” do about Thug Kitchen?

October 20, 2014


Please notice that I said “we” as in not solely black people. But all those who are offended by the shenanigans played upon the public by a group of people who used a stereotype to its fullest extent, and in the process were rewarded for their efforts. Understand too, that this was a few years […]