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What can “WE” do about Thug Kitchen?

October 20, 2014


Please notice that I said “we” as in not solely black people. But all those who are offended by the shenanigans played upon the public by a group of people who used a stereotype to its fullest extent, and in the process were rewarded for their efforts. Understand too, that this was a few years […]

The Help Unchained in Thug Kitchen

October 16, 2014


Actual quotes from posts that are on the Thug Kitchen site. Some quotes were also repeated on Facebook and Twitter. No, I’m not making this up.        Michelle Davis: We understand that running an anonymous blog may give a lot of people different ideas of who is running it. Matt Holloway: When we […]

The Unraveling of Thug Kitchen – A Timeline of events

October 12, 2014


What the internet giveth, the internet can taketh away.  Yes, this modern miracle of technology also known as the “web” can quickly make a savvy individual or “collective” a star. Just look at the public faces reportedly behind Thug Kitchen. Aw, just look at those chagrining widdle faces thrown out to the public:   Uh-oh. My […]

Caricature of a child: Comparing Mae Mobley to Kindra

June 4, 2011


Aibileen’s need to protect Mae Mobley from her constantly unhinged mother, Elizabeth Leefolt, makes her a heroine in the eyes of many readers.  But astute as Aibileen is regarding Mae Mobley’s predicament, she’s unable to realize that her good friend Minny is just as unhinged when she deals with her own kids (getting beaten almost daily by your husband […]