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This Black Life Matters: An open letter to Shakara

November 1, 2015


Hello Shakara, I’m glad to finally know your first name. I realize due to your age, your identity had to be protected. I hope as time goes on you’ll be able to process what happened and move forward, not letting this terrible assault define who you are, and who you will be as you become […]

It’s okay not to like The Help

May 28, 2011


No really. If you didn’t enjoy this novel, it’s perfectly okay. There’s nothing wrong. For whatever reason some readers didn’t bond with this novel, it’s fine. Just like there’s nothing wrong with the happy-happy joy-joy virus going around the internet from many people who just luvvvvv the book and want to share their experience with others.             […]

The Epic FAIL of The Help

July 17, 2010


How did this happen? How did the promising debut of a talented author get published with clear stereotypes, disturbing observations concerning a whole race, regional dialect stripped from one group in order to elevate their status, and wishful, revisionist history wrapped in the bow of “but it’s great women’s fiction!”  Did the agent not see it? […]

Is The Help literary “Blackface?”

July 12, 2010


          Al Jolson in blackface makeup. In his time, Jolson was also known as The World’s Greatest Entertainer. In an interview with’s Paul Kapur Hinzen, the author of The Help was asked her views on Atlanta, Georgia society today.   PKH: And what about in terms of race? Do you feel there is a lot […]