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What can “WE” do about Thug Kitchen?

October 20, 2014


Please notice that I said “we” as in not solely black people. But all those who are offended by the shenanigans played upon the public by a group of people who used a stereotype to its fullest extent, and in the process were rewarded for their efforts. Understand too, that this was a few years […]

A Book of Insults becomes a worldwide hit, and spawns a movie

April 24, 2011


A Book of Insults AKA The Help becomes a worldwide hit, exposing a raw nerve that centers on whether segregation can ever be considered “entertaining” or “fun”.   From the novel: “Week after Clyde left you, I heard that Cocoa wake up to her cootchie spoilt as a rotten oyster. Didn’t get better for three months. Bertrina, she good friends with Cocoa. […]

Just suppose…

July 7, 2010


I mean, suppose someone wrote a book called The American. And the author decided to use one regional accent to portray all the Americans in the novel, like a thick southern accent peppered with southern vernacular.  And the writer included everything they “knew” about Americans, especially what they learned living around them when they were sixteen. Many of the things […]

The Wrong Author for the Right Story

June 22, 2010


Stories, both fiction and non-fiction of the countless men and women (and even children) who labored in southern homes as domestics need to be told. Unfortunately, while her intentions were good, Kathryn Stockett was the wrong author to tell their tale, even though The Help is fiction based on fact. Here’s the line that would best sum […]