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A Critical Review of The Green Book

January 10, 2019


First, let me say to Donald Shirley’s family: You have my sincere respect and gratitude. What you’re experiencing right now (attempts at silencing and downright ignoring your criticism by some in the media) is routine when Hollywood falls in love with these kinds of stories. In the push to show how liberal the industry is, […]

The Hypocrisy in The Help: Look no further than Rachel Jenteal and Paula Deen

June 28, 2013


Rachel Jenteal, self nicknamed Diamond Eugene, is the young lady who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin shortly before he was shot and killed.       She’s 19 years old, and in my opinion, she’s still a teenager. But you wouldn’t know it by reading some of the comments about her, because she’s not behaving in court […]

Ten “Terrible Awful” movie tropes The Help promotes

December 18, 2011


When minorities complain about how we’re depicted in films, most times we’re told we don’t understand the “intent” In no particular order, here are a few over used movie tropes that The Help resurrects: The “ugly duckling” character is anything but Putting big glasses and tightly curling her hair does not make Emma Stone’s Skeeter anywhere near the description […]

There’s Something About Celia

October 14, 2010


  Blonde Bombshell. Infantile bride. Social outcast. Sweet but clueless. That’s Celia. But it’s the infantile quality of the character that I’m most interested in, because there’s a tendency to pair this type of character with someone more worldly and empathetic so that they have a protector of sorts. For Celia, that person is Minny. […]