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Of Mammies, Migrants and Book Editors

February 6, 2020


What do you give up as an author, when you turn over almost all creative control to a publishing kingmaker? Sometimes the cost should give an ambitious writer reason to pause. The publishing industry tried to peddle another error prone novel about people of color, specifically Latinos. But this time a marginalized group fought back. […]

Top Ten Ways AMERICAN DIRT & THE HELP Misrepresent

January 30, 2020


This is about freedom of speech and falsehoods. No one stopped either Kathryn Stockett’s The Help or Jeanine Cummins American Dirt from being published. Both books are readily available to the public, and so are criticisms directed at each, broken down to ten quick items on this post, because American Dirt will be utilized at some […]

American Dirtbag: Why Publishing profits off “Othering”

January 25, 2020


I’m part of “the other.” I’m not the reader base many major publishers salivate over. Thus my opinions and objections over how my culture is depicted don’t mean shit when there’s money to be made. Having created this blog back in 2010 when Kathryn Stockett’s The Help was the IT book, I think I can […]

Rinse, Repeat – American Dirt novel and The Help

January 22, 2020


If it worked once, why not follow the same formula? Well, be careful what you wish for, or in this case, who you appropriate. If you haven’t already heard about the uproar over the new book “American Dirt” then prepare yourself (WTF is with that title? If the book had been about black people, there […]

A Critical Review of The Green Book

January 10, 2019


First, let me say to Donald Shirley’s family: You have my sincere respect and gratitude. What you’re experiencing right now (attempts at silencing and downright ignoring your criticism by some in the media) is routine when Hollywood falls in love with these kinds of stories. In the push to show how liberal the industry is, […]

The Help Unchained in Thug Kitchen

October 16, 2014


Actual quotes from posts that are on the Thug Kitchen site. Some quotes were also repeated on Facebook and Twitter. No, I’m not making this up.        Michelle Davis: We understand that running an anonymous blog may give a lot of people different ideas of who is running it. Matt Holloway: When we […]

Racism for Dummies: From Amos ‘n Andy to Thug Kitchen

October 11, 2014


I’ll try to limit this to ten items, but I’d like to discuss the S word (no, it’s not slavery). The word for today is SEGREGATION and much of what you see happening regarding race, like a cut that continues to bleed in America, comes from that time period. We’ve become complacent people. Some readers […]