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What can “WE” do about Thug Kitchen?

October 20, 2014


Please notice that I said “we” as in not solely black people. But all those who are offended by the shenanigans played upon the public by a group of people who used a stereotype to its fullest extent, and in the process were rewarded for their efforts. Understand too, that this was a few years […]

Coward. Liar. Murderer. Which “life” will George Zimmerman return to?

July 13, 2013


The verdict is in. And for me, certain things became clearer once the trial progressed. It’s important to point out, that although the verdict is not guilty, that does not mean George Zimmerman is innocent.     Without cross-examination, only Zimmerman’s account of what happened seems to be the accepted version. And sadly, throughout American […]

Is Trayvon Martin on trial FOR HIS OWN MURDER?

July 5, 2013


I held off on putting up this post, until after the Martin family testified. But after hearing the questions that George Zimmerman’s attorney just asked of Trayvon Martin’s mother, for example, had she held out the hope that her son had not contributed to his own death? I have to ask,   Is Trayvon Martin on […]

The Hypocrisy in The Help: Look no further than Rachel Jenteal and Paula Deen

June 28, 2013


Rachel Jenteal, self nicknamed Diamond Eugene, is the young lady who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin shortly before he was shot and killed.       She’s 19 years old, and in my opinion, she’s still a teenager. But you wouldn’t know it by reading some of the comments about her, because she’s not behaving in court […]