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After playing the ultimate Mammy, NOW Viola Davis complains

September 15, 2014


You know, I’m not sure what to think about Viola Davis’ new found loose tongue. Whereas Octavia Spencer acted (and still behaves) as if she can see no evil, hear no evil and will speak no evil regarding the revisionist history and downright stereotypical portrayals of blacks in The Help (both the book and the […]

“We’re a culture, not a costume”

October 28, 2013


    UPDATED TO ADD: I mean, WTF is wrong with some grown folks? Before I get to Julianne Hough’s big ass gaffe, take a look at these coaches who decided it was cool to go in blackface to a Halloween party (note to those who think its somehow okay to darken or lighten one’s […]

The Top Ten Reasons Why The Butler beats The Help

August 25, 2013


I  shouldn’t have to state this, but I will. Yes, The Help was based on a “beloved” novel (see my post on “beloved” novels, where many of them contain offensive depictions of minorities, yet they’re still crowned “beloved” by some non-minorities in these two posts Beware the Beloved Character  and Classics We Now Question). And […]

Divided We Stand: Black Intra-racism and apathy in fiction and media

January 13, 2013


“I don’t like to do the nails of blacks. I left a salon in Rio because, there, I only did the nails of blacks.” It may surprise some readers to hear that the woman who reportedly said this (and much more) is black. This is an example of intra-racism. Fortunately, this woman didn’t get away […]

Will criticizing books like “The Help” and “Revealing Eden” cause white authors not to write black characters?

August 7, 2012


The title of this post is in part, based upon a counterargument that’s usually framed this way: “White authors may stop writing minority characters if all they do is get criticized.”   I’ve seen this around the internet several times, though worded a bit differently. But in the same context, and so I thought it was time to address […]

Viola Davis as Nina Simone (hey, I can dream can’t I?)

January 2, 2012


Hold your War Horse (very bad pun on my part). I didn’t say this was a done deal or that there was a deal in the making. But after checking out what Viola Davis and her new production company have decided to work on, uh. . . sure, I can get into more history. I love […]

All Souled Out: No offense Viola and Octavia, but I’ll still pass on “The Help”

November 13, 2011


I love Modern Family. Tonight Phil just said “I can’t help it, I’m turned on by powerful women. Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams . . . wait a minute-” The punch line is Phil is happily married to Claire, and all the women he mentioned are black. I guess I enjoy this kind of humor […]