It’s all over but the shouting: My venture into ebook pubbing

Posted on September 4, 2012


I’m not a writer and I don’t claim to be one. But when I first started out debating others in 201o about The Help, one of the retorts I’d get back was “Well, if you don’t like the novel, then why don’t you write one.”


While I viewed this comment as simply another roadblock when individuals with differing opinions want to discuss a story at hand, I can’t say the idea didn’t intrigue me. In addition, I felt the need to lend my voice to others who offer a more well rounded view of my culture, but especially the relationships between blacks and whites both now and in the past.


I love to read. And while I don’t agree with much of what Kathryn Stockett wrote in her novel The Help, I will and have stated that I believe Stockett has writing talent.


I’m currently still working out the kinks in my own writing. But I now have enough ideas and finished manuscripts that I at least need to reveal the correlation between this site and another, which is


The site was created in May of 2011, and now I’m ready to devote more time to it. Which means less time with this blog.

I wanted to do something else, to move on, and this is what I chose to do. But I wouldn’t be writing at all if I hadn’t started this blog. So I guess I can say “The Help” helped me realize a new venture. Another thing I must add is  I’m old enough and woman enough to take criticism, because God knows I’ve given it out enough. So I realize by putting my writing out there I’m going to get others who may not agree with me. And you know what? That’s fine. But if you pick up one of my books, you’re gonna read about black and white people making love, and marrying, and having kids, and money problems, and fighting.


Hate the storyline, hate the dialogue, hate it all. But I never want anyone to feel the way I felt while reading The Help and Saving the Pearls: Revealing Eden. We all have value, no matter what race. And my goal is to make sure to limit the whole “Side kick” thing, and strive for diverse voices and depictions that don’t clumsily offend because I didn’t do my research or wasn’t fully vested in the character.


And no, if you leave something choice on that site I won’t answer. You see, my mission statement is all about bringing characters of other races TOGETHER.  While I don’t shy away from speaking about race, I’m also working very hard at avoiding stereotypes in my work. I’m striving to craft real people as characters, and attempting to make certain I mention the beauty and failings in all the races included in my books. The other great thing about an ebook is that changes can be made quickly, unlike the printed word, and I’ll admit right now that I’m not adverse to making changes. Maybe that’s against the “rules” but since I’m the writer and publisher and still learning, that’s how I’m gonna do it.


And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some typos to correct, because if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know I mis-spell words like crazy. While I may post here from time to time, this is basically it y’all. I’ve said just about all I want to say in this forum. Now its time to use my imagination and connect with teens who need minority heroes and diverse storylines, and anything else my devious little mind can dream up. MOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAW


So Adios, it’s been fun . . .

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