The Help Unchained in Thug Kitchen

Posted on October 16, 2014


Actual quotes from posts that are on the Thug Kitchen site. Some quotes were also repeated on Facebook and Twitter. No, I’m not making this up. 

In their own words




Michelle Davis: We understand that running an anonymous blog may give a lot of people different ideas of who is running it.

Matt Holloway: When we created it, we weren’t trying to load our blog with a lot of personality like a lot of websites or food blogs. I personally find that really alienating, because when I’m cooking their food, I’m constantly comparing their life and their photos to my life and how my food looks. So, we didn’t really want it to be about personality.



From the site:

Example of blog posts by Thug Kitchen





Still in Digital Blackface for the debut cookbook:

Example number two


As Bill O’Reilly likes to say “Don’t Let Me Confuse You With The Facts”


So welcome to: The Help Unchained in Thug Kitchen 


The Help Unchained N Thug Kitchen



To be continued . . .



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